frozen peppermint hot cocoa


Icy, creamy, chocolatey, and sweet.  So beyond delicious and fulfilling like ice cream without all the well…cream.


chocolate milk ( I made chocolate milk by mixing milk with cocoa powder and powdered sugar to taste)

2 peppermint candies

Optional: peppermint schnapps

To make:

Freeze chocolate milk in ice cream tray.  Once frozen, blend with milk or peppermint schnapps and one crushed peppermint candy.  Pour into glass and top with peppermint!

xoxo, Keya

mini christmas cookies


These are an updated version of our mini ice cream sandwiches (see them here) for the holidays.  We used Trader Joe’s mini peppermint wafer cookies instead of chocolate chip.  Another cute idea would be green and red sprinkles on the edges!  These are the perfect little treat for holiday parties!



diy christmas aprons



1 apron

1 large potato

green acrylic paint

sheet or drop cloth

To make:

Cut out a Christmas tree shaped stencil (we just drew one on cardstock).  Cut your potato in half, make sure to cut it flat and in one slice (if your stamp is uneven the paint won’t stamp evenly).  Trace your stencil onto the potato and cut around the shape (the tree should be raised from the rest of the potato).  We used a paintbrush to evenly apply the paint to the stamp and then stamped in straight alternating lines.

For more potato stamping fun, check out our turkey print apron!



xoxo, Keya and Erica

kraft paper stocking


These stockings are an adorable way to wrap your Christmas gifts this season.  We came up with the idea for a secret santa stocking exchange and immediately had to make more to display under the tree.

To make:

Fold a large piece of Kraft paper in half.  Draw a stocking shape (don’t worry- it doesn’t have to be perfect). Keeping the paper folded and together, cut out your stocking.  Sew in large stitches using bakers twine, embroidery thread, or thin yarn.  Decorate with stamps, drawings, or your recipient’s name!

xoxo, Keya and Erica

gingerbread cocktail


This gingerbread cocktail embodies everything we love about the holidays.  It tastes just like a gingerbread cookie so keep away from the kids!


1 part cinnamon vodka (see how we made ours here)

1 part gingerbread simple syrup (find the recipe here)

4 parts ginger beer

To make:

Combine ingredients, shake, and pour over ice.  Top off with ginger beer.  Enjoy!

xoxo, Keya and Erica

diy pine satchels


Tuck these wonderful evergreen-filled satchels into your drawers, hang in your car, or even carry around in your purse to keep this quintessential Christmas scent with you always.  (Give to friends to share the cheer).

To make:

Fill muslin satchels with extra tree trimmings (you can also pick up extra bits from your local Christmas tree stand).   It can be as easy as that, but we recommend a little decoration.  We stamped our muslin satchels before filling them.


xoxo, Keya and Erica

kraft paper wrapping inspiration

We love kraft paper.  Totally and completely, we ardently love it.  And use it all the time (as you may have noticed).  We actually had to order a giant 6′ roll to cover all of our crafting needs.  If you’re having a hard time finding it in your hometown, check your local drug store in the craft/packaging section to see if they carry it.  For present wrapping, it is especially wonderful because it provides a blank slate of decorating opportunities.  You can decorate each gift differently, or with a common theme.

Some of our favorite decorations this year:

Stamps (especially the embossed stamps)


bakers twine



leather cord

paint pens

red berries








xoxo, Keya and Erica