oscar star crowns


With just a few days until the Oscars, we have to admit it kind of snuck up on us.  Even though we’ve spent the last 6 weeks dedicating any and all free time going to theaters and checking off all the nominated films, we were not really ready for the actual event.  So while last year was all about planning a huge party, this year is all about doing a few simple things to make the night special.  This may be the easiest project you could do and it will add a little sparkle to your night (which is always a must)!


We found small rolls of this gold star garland at Michael’s in the gift wrapping section with all the ribbons so you should be able to find it at your local craft store.  Wrap it around the top of your head once to get the correct size and then wrap twice more.  Cut the garland leaving about an inch of extra room then use that to wrap and secure the 3 layers together.

Make one for yourself or all of your friends and you’ll feel just a little bit more glamorous.  We plan on wearing ours with our pajamas and curling up with some popcorn.



keya and erica

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