oscar party 2015


 We.  Love. The. Oscars.  You know this.  Planning on throwing an Oscar bash?  We highly recommend that you do (they’re the best).  Here are a few of our favorite ideas for this year.


Every Oscar party needs giant balloons, right? We ordered ours online, filled them up at the store, and stuffed them into our tiny car.  Learn from our mistakes and bring a van. This year, instead of champagne, we set up a bar cart so guests could make their drink of choice.






IMG_7260Aren’t these balloons just everything?


A red carpet is a must! We stuck ours under the bar cart for fun #shoestagrams.IMG_7221

Inside we set up a simple buffet.  Popcorn, movie candy, little appetizers, et voilá. Recognize those film strips?  We made them a few years ago for our first Oscar party and love them still.  The piñatas are a score from Party City.






Don’t mind us, we couldn’t resist a balloon photo op in the street.



For a simple photobooth we hung our star garland, also from our first Oscar partyon the wall.  Other easy options could include gold foil curtains, large gold stars, or red butcher paper.  To give them the “photobooth look” we used the Party Party App by A Beautiful Mess.



xoxo, Keya and Erica

lime infused vodka


Can we just take a moment to sing the praises of one of my favorite cocktails, the moscow mule?  Light, refreshing, citrusy, and a wonderful ginger kick? Man, I could go for one of those right now.  But, alas, I am writing this post at 11 am so…I’ll refrain.  I’ll admit that one of the favorite parts of the mule is that I can’t taste the vodka- that’s the sign of a good cocktail right there folks.  And how to better disguise the flavor?  Infused vodkas.  Oh yes.

My love for moscow mules aside, you can use any citrus that you like and add it to your favorite cocktail.  Lemon infused for lemon drops?  It’s super easy and simply requires a little bit of time to infuse.  So make ahead of time and store in your fridge so you’re ready whenever 5 o’clock happens to roll around.



1 lime (peels)

a clean jar


How to:

Pour your vodka into your clean jar.  You can make as much as you want.  If you’re planning on infusing your vodka for a party and want to use the whole bottle, then feel free to go ahead and use that bottle.  Add lime peels.  I used about 1 limes worth for mine.  Exact amounts aren’t imperative, and just be sure to adjust accordingly depending on how much you make.  Store in the fridge for about two weeks.  After infusing, strain your vodka to remove lime peels, and store in the fridge until you’re ready to use it!




xoxo, Keya



oscar movie ballots


One of the best parts of watching the Oscars is filling out your ballot, tallying up your correct guesses, and then comparing your score with everyone else.  If we can’t be nominated for an Academy Award we need some kind of competition, right?  Last year we made these simple ballots and had everyone fill them out before the show started.


black card-stock (1 sheet per person)

gold sparkle card-stock (1 sheet per 2 people)

printed oscar ballots (1 per person)

oscar stencil

how to:

Print out the official ballot, (you can find it here), and glue it onto black card-stock which you can find in the scrap-booking section of your local craft store. You may have to trim the card-stock down to fit your paper.  Next, cut out Oscar statues from sparkly gold paper and glue these onto the back.  We used a cookie cutter as a stencil but you can also print out your own online.


What will your votes be this year?


keya and erica

oscar drink stirrer


How cute are these?!  Easy to make and the perfect way to step up your Oscar party (or you know, on the couch pajama viewing sesh).


cute straws

gold glitter paper

hot glue

Oscar stencil


To make:

1.) Copy and paste stencil onto a word document and shrink to desired size (mine is a bit under 3 in. tall).

2.) Print and cut out stencil.  Hold stencil up to straw to make sure that it is a good size.  You want to be able to have an inch or so of space at the top of the straw, and room for it to fit into your glass.  Resize stencil as necessary.


3.) Outline stencil on back of gold glitter paper.  Cut out figures.


4.) Place a thin line of hot glue down the center of the backside of the figure.


5.) Place straw on hot glue about an inch from the top of the straw.

6.) Let dry and you’re good to go!


xoxo, Keya and Erica

oscar party movie themed foods

Coming up with themed food for the Oscars can be tricky.  Especially when the primary food source in many of the best picture nominees this year was cocaine and vodka (we’re looking at you Wolf of Wall Street and Gravity).  And sometimes they hardly eat at all.  But we like to stay true to our themes and, well, we reeeeally like to eat.  So it was time to get creative.  Whilst pulling our hair out trying to come up with ideas, I happened across this beyond great article on Epicurious (Seriously, check it out.  Especially if you want to make a meal and need recipes).  So with inspiration from that and some of our own (possibly over-themed) ideas, we give you our 2014 Oscar Party Themed Food List:

Oscar Bar- For those who feel like throwing a 21+ party with all the fun and well…yeah just all the fun, here are our list of necessary Oscar beverages:

-Champagne to celebrate the complete decadence of Wolf of Wall Street.

-Guinness for Philomena, the drink that ultimately brought her and her son together.

-Coors, which according to our old friend Woody, isn’t even alcohol.  Pop open a cold one and pretend you’re in Nebraska.  I think this drink also applies to our favorite cowboy Ron in Dallas Buyers Club, although he generally seemed to prefer something harder.

-Have a glass of red wine and celebrate that nobody is using it to try to drug you and wrongfully enslave you like our hero Solomon in 12 Years a Slave.

-Russian Vodka was pretty actually the only thing consumed in Gravity so it’s a must.  It’s also one of the major food groups for Cate Blanchett’s pill-popping socialite Jasmine in Blue Jasmine.


-Mini Wonder Bread sandwiches like the one David’s aunt serves him in Nebraska.  And should you feel really inspired, mini meatloaves made in cupcake tins.  Serve with a nice cold BOTTLE of beer.

-Mini Cheese pizzas inspired by the slice that Samantha encourages Theodore to get on their virtual date at the boardwalk in Her.

Samoosas (or samosas), which they do not exactly eat in Captain Phillips, but are a popular easy to serve South African snack that we can imagine our pirates enjoying while not hijacking ships on the high seas.  Another, less-Somalian, option would be a shrimp appetizer representative of the sea where the film takes place.

-Coconut cupcakes, with rounded tops covered in coconuts flakes and American flag toothpicks to make little moons for Gravity.


(Photo cred: The Perfect Palette, Giorgia Zanellato)

Main Dishes:

-Italian for American Hustle.  Especially chicken piccata.

-Steak for Dallas Buyers Club.

-Lobster for Wolf Of Wall Street (Although, may I suggest not chucking it at your guests?  Such a waste.)

xoxo, Keya

oscar madness


Alas Oscar season is upon us and Erica and I are overcome with joy.  This time of year has a special spot in our heart for multiple reasons.  It all started on a rainy day in freshman year when we were roommates in college, that we decided to watch every single film nominated for the Academy Awards.  Every.  Single. Film.  (Truly, it was the ultimate form of scholastic procrastination).  6 years later the tradition continues!  Our Oscar party last year was also our FIRST EVER BLOG POST.  Yep, that’s right.  And it’s still our favorite.  Haven’t seen it?  Check it out here.


The best part of this Oscar challenge of ours, is that we watch movies that we would never see otherwise.  For example, the short films are GREAT, but how often do we sit down and watch short films?  Or documentaries for that matter (not to sound uncultured, but reeaally)?  The documentaries were actually some of my favorite nominated films this year, their reality being fascinating.  I mean, if you don’t know what The Act of Killing is about, check it out and do your best not to be morbidly shocked and dually captivated.  So once a year, the Oscars force us to take a break from our tween lit/RomCom/Mindy Project loving viewing schedules to get. serious. with. the. movies.  It’s the best.

Have you been watching the Oscar films yourselves?  We hope so!  If not, you have exactly 6 days to see as many as you can.  Go, go, go!  Below is a list of the top nominated films, which is always a good place to start.  Plus, all of the documentaries are available on Netflix Instant and the Oscar nominated shorts are available on iTunes and amazon starting Tuesday Feb. 25th so make sure to check those out as well!  They also usually have showings at your local theater.

Here is a list of the top 10 nominated films:

  1. American Hustle  10 nominations
  2. Gravity  10 nominations
  3. 12 Years a Slave  9 nominations
  4. Captain Phillips  6 nominations
  5. Dallas Buyers Club  6 nominations
  6. Nebraska  6 nominations
  7. The Wolf of Wall Street  5 nominations
  8. Her  5 nominations
  9. Philomena  4 nominations
  10. Blue Jasmine  3 nominations

Are you going to be hosting an Oscar party this year?  If so make sure to check out last years Oscar Soirée post for DIY ideas.  Also, drumroll please… all this week we’ll be posting Oscar party food and DIY ideas so get excited and keep checking back!

A full list of film nominations can be found here.

Here is a downloadable ballot to fill out before the show!

Mark your calendars: Academy Awards begin March 2, 2014 7e/4p!

xoxo, Keya

P.S. Do you have any Oscar traditions or favorite films this year?  We’d love to hear ’em!

sweet tart cocktail




This drink is sort of like an updated greyhound, it’s sweeter and perhaps a bit girlier. Perfect for a signature cocktail at a Valentine’s Day celebration, or you know, just any old evening…


2 parts (2 oz) vodka

2 parts (2 oz) pink grapefruit juice

1 tbsp. grenadine

club soda

(sugar and grenadine for pink rim)

Combine all ingredients (except club soda) in a cocktail shaker or sealed mason jar filled with ice.  Shake until combined and chilled.  Pour a bit if club soda into a glass of ice and top with contents of shaker, top with more club soda if necessary.  You can add more or less grenadine, depending on how sweet you like your drink.

To make pink sugared rim:

Pour just a little bit of grenadine on a small plate.  On a second plate, pour a bit of sugar.  First, holding the bottom of your glass, dip the rim lightly into the grenadine.  Lift the glass out of the grenadine and let the excess drip off.  Make sure that you’ve covered the entire rim of the glass or the sugar won’t stick.  Next, dip the glass gently into the sugar and make sure the entire rim is covered. Easy!  You can do this ahead of time and chill the glasses in the fridge if you would like.




xoxo, Keya