watercolor pineapple print


This little print is so cute and easy to make, and will make the perfect summery addition to my kitchen walls.  I’m thinking of making a few more of different kinds of fruits and veggies to hang with it.  As long as you’ve got watercolors and paper, the total cost of this project is the frame, which makes it a really affordable way to decorate!


pineapple stencil  (this is the link for the stencil that I used)

watercolors + paintbrushes

watercolor paper

wax resistant sticks / pencil


spray adhesive

white card stock / thick paper (measured to size of frame)

how to:

     First you’ll want to select and print out your stencil of choice.  I wanted mine to have lot of detail for the pineapple leaves, but I think that a simpler stencil would be really cute as well.


     Once you’ve cut out your stencil, place it in the center of your watercolor paper and make a thick outline with the wax resistant sticks.  I tried this project a couple of ways, just outlining the stencil in pencil and with the wax.  I personally like using the wax because it holds the paint inside of the stencil marks and creates a darker outline around the design where the paint is trapped. Also, make a thin line between the fruit of the pineapple and the leaves to prevent color bleeding.

Untitled Export

     Mix your watercolors to your desired color.  I wanted my yellow and green to be bright.  I mixed a few variations of each, but ended up mostly using the pure yellow.  I used more variations of the green to create the effect of multiple leaves.


     So the picture below was kind of my trial and error run, and I’ve got some tips to share from it!  I found that the final project turns out a lot better if your paint in layers.  First by finishing the yellow portion before painting the leaves; this will help prevent the two colors from bleeding into each other, as you’ll see in the picture below.  (If this happens, then quickly dab at the paint with a paper towel to remove it, and paint over the problem section.)


     Another tip is that the thicker the wax outline the better.  I thought that I would be able to freely run my paint strokes over the edges of the outline and that it would remain, but that didn’t really work out.  So the next time around I did the thicker outline and I was much more conscious about getting too much water on the wax and was much happier with the results.

     Paint a light coat of paint first and let it dry.  Then paint a second or third coat depending on your desired color. Have fun making the paint thicker in some areas and lifting your paper to let the paint run and blur.  This creates the pretty watercolor effect.  For the leaves I brushed arching stroked from bottom to top with varying colors, letting them dry in between.

     Once your painting is dry, it is time to cut it out.  If your outline isn’t exact enough, place the stencil over the top, and outline once more in pencil.


     Spray the back of the pineapple with spray adhesive and gently lift and place onto your card stock in the center.  Let dry and place in your frame!  I wrote “piña” on mine, and to make it fit, I placed my pineapple slightly above center- this part is up to you!  There are so many ways to interpret this craft depending on what you want to make!  I’m thinking tomatoes and watermelons next… Clearly summer is on my mind!


xoxo, Keya

thanksgiving table setting


Between the turkey, all your family, and the general Thanksgiving bustle, a table setting should be the last thing you have to worry about.  Here’s one that’s simple and easy to prepare ahead of time.  Cover your table in butcher paper and mark each place setting with a place to list what your guests are thankful for.  We used rosemary wrapped with twine to add greenery but you can use whatever you have in your back yard.  Pears can also be replaced with apples, pumpkins, or squash.  This table setting is all about using what you have available to you! 

For our pre-thanksgiving, we served fresh bread and roasted garlic with butternut squash soup (recipe to come)! After dinner, everyone wrote down what they were thankful for and we enjoyed apple cake with caramel and our spiked chai lattes.  The food was delicious and taking a moment to write down what we were thankful for made us feel all the more grateful.













 Keya and Erica

fancy diy silverware


In the case that you can’t use real silverware, whether it’s because of the cost or the inconvenience, you don’t have to give up on a cute table setting.  For our champagne showers brunch we came up with this easy DIY that was both affordable and matched our pink and gold decor.  The great thing about this project is that you can use any color to go with anything!


plastic silverware (we used the kind that looks like real silver)

spray paint (we used metallic gold)

drop cloth or newspaper

Hold the handle of the plasticware away from you and spray the bottom with a light coat of paint on both sides.  Leave to dry and then apply a second coat.  If you want, you can create an ombre effect as well.  Make sure to avoid getting any paint near the top of the silverware.  Once completely dry, wash your plasticware with soap and air dry.


bloody candles


These candles are everything spooky Halloween cool and they’re a super easy and inexpensive to make.  I’m planning to use them for the centerpiece on our Halloween feast table.

Tools Needed:

Tin foil or wax paper

white candles

red candles


candle holder

To make:

Cover your table with tin foil or wax paper to protect it from the wax.  Then set your candles out in the holders.  Light your red candle, and then turn it upside down so the wax drips onto the white candle.  Drip from the top of the candle down, moving around until you’ve covered it all the way around.  Let dry and then you’re good to go!



Here are the candles at our All Hallows’ Eve feast!  Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!


champagne showers

It’s occurred to us that we are now at the age where our friends are beginning to get married.  This became especially apparent when one of our best friends announced her engagement.  After the initial shock (and fear that we were growing old- can you see any wrinkles?), we decided that alcohol was necessary.  Multiple glasses of wine later, we realized that we should throw our dear friend a bridal shower and that it of course too, should have plenty of alcohol.  Brunch was the name of the game and everyone knows the only reason for brunch is mimosas!  Champagne + an unnecessary amount of pink = best bridal shower ever! Right? (Don’t answer that.)

We wanted to keep the decor girly and fun.  Pink everything, and candy rings and necklaces to decorate the table and guest’s fingers.  We fancified plastic silverware, plates, and glasses with gold spray paint (DIY instructions to come).  Centerpieces were simple roses from the farmer’s market.  We made a “Cheers Rebecca” banner out of pink glittery paper and twine to decorate the bar.  We also created speech bubble and arrow signs for guests to hold up in our photo booth.  And last but not least, we made a piñata.  For some reason a piñata felt very appropriate for this party, but since we are growing up we felt we needed a grown up piñata as well. We spray painted her gold and gave her a “Bride to Be” sash and  a tiara,  then filled her with candy, miniature bottles of alcohol, and condoms (admittedly a questionable dollar store purchase).

For brunch we served guava mimosas as an update to the standard orange (plus, there was the pink bonus), bagels, fresh quiche, strawberries, donuts rings, and mini cinnamon rolls.  Yum!

Everyone had a lovely afternoon celebrating the bride-to-be, sipping guava mimosas, and hogging the photo booth!






Keya and Erica

the updated inspiration board


As DIY bloggers, we understand how hard it is to organize all your inspirations and ideas.  Magazine clip outs, letters, newspaper articles, and sometimes just a swatch of color get hidden away in boxes or notebooks and are easily forgotten.  But like that sticky note on your refrigerator reminding you of your dentist appointment, things that inspire you deserve an equally significant spot in your line of sight.  We are constantly sticking things to mirrors, walls, or corkboards in our bedrooms, so when we were approached by the owner of Savoir Faire Catering to design an inspiration board for her office, we understood what she needed.  She wanted a way to display things like recipes, food presentation, table settings, and notes from her clients and we think we found the solution.



8 nails or hooks (we used vintage railroad ties)

twine, wire, or string

a level



mini clothespins (you can find these at your local craft store)



Make sure when you hang your nails or hooks, consider the distance between each layer.  We wanted to be able to hang full sized magazine articles so we spaced them out 7 inches apart.  Make sure to use the ruler to mark each spot where your nail will go and hold (or tape) your string between the marks so you can use the level to make sure the two pencil marks are level with each other.  When you are sure everything is even, level, and right where you want it, start to hammer your nails or hooks into the marked spots.  Tie your string or twine between the hooks, you can do this loosely for a draped look or tighter like we did for something more structured.


a newly inspired keya and erica