oscar party 2015


 We.  Love. The. Oscars.  You know this.  Planning on throwing an Oscar bash?  We highly recommend that you do (they’re the best).  Here are a few of our favorite ideas for this year.


Every Oscar party needs giant balloons, right? We ordered ours online, filled them up at the store, and stuffed them into our tiny car.  Learn from our mistakes and bring a van. This year, instead of champagne, we set up a bar cart so guests could make their drink of choice.






IMG_7260Aren’t these balloons just everything?


A red carpet is a must! We stuck ours under the bar cart for fun #shoestagrams.IMG_7221

Inside we set up a simple buffet.  Popcorn, movie candy, little appetizers, et voilá. Recognize those film strips?  We made them a few years ago for our first Oscar party and love them still.  The piñatas are a score from Party City.






Don’t mind us, we couldn’t resist a balloon photo op in the street.



For a simple photobooth we hung our star garland, also from our first Oscar partyon the wall.  Other easy options could include gold foil curtains, large gold stars, or red butcher paper.  To give them the “photobooth look” we used the Party Party App by A Beautiful Mess.



xoxo, Keya and Erica

fancy diy silverware


In the case that you can’t use real silverware, whether it’s because of the cost or the inconvenience, you don’t have to give up on a cute table setting.  For our champagne showers brunch we came up with this easy DIY that was both affordable and matched our pink and gold decor.  The great thing about this project is that you can use any color to go with anything!


plastic silverware (we used the kind that looks like real silver)

spray paint (we used metallic gold)

drop cloth or newspaper

Hold the handle of the plasticware away from you and spray the bottom with a light coat of paint on both sides.  Leave to dry and then apply a second coat.  If you want, you can create an ombre effect as well.  Make sure to avoid getting any paint near the top of the silverware.  Once completely dry, wash your plasticware with soap and air dry.


rehearsal dinner fiesta


A few weeks ago I helped Stephanie Sanders from Shindig Santa Barbara create one of the most beautiful fiesta-inspired rehearsal dinners for the wonderful Samantha from Could I Have That? .  A woman after my own heart, Stephanie’s attention to detail showed how the little things can all add up to create something magical.  Delicate papel picado, hot churros  served fresh out of the fryer, bougainvillea petals lining the walkways and floating in the pool, and a mariachi band playing in the background, the event was truly perfect.  I was so lucky to be able to work with Stephanie,  she is such an inspiration, and I just had to share with you the amazing event she created!



Special thanks to Corey Sanders Photography for all the beautiful pictures!



champagne showers

It’s occurred to us that we are now at the age where our friends are beginning to get married.  This became especially apparent when one of our best friends announced her engagement.  After the initial shock (and fear that we were growing old- can you see any wrinkles?), we decided that alcohol was necessary.  Multiple glasses of wine later, we realized that we should throw our dear friend a bridal shower and that it of course too, should have plenty of alcohol.  Brunch was the name of the game and everyone knows the only reason for brunch is mimosas!  Champagne + an unnecessary amount of pink = best bridal shower ever! Right? (Don’t answer that.)

We wanted to keep the decor girly and fun.  Pink everything, and candy rings and necklaces to decorate the table and guest’s fingers.  We fancified plastic silverware, plates, and glasses with gold spray paint (DIY instructions to come).  Centerpieces were simple roses from the farmer’s market.  We made a “Cheers Rebecca” banner out of pink glittery paper and twine to decorate the bar.  We also created speech bubble and arrow signs for guests to hold up in our photo booth.  And last but not least, we made a piñata.  For some reason a piñata felt very appropriate for this party, but since we are growing up we felt we needed a grown up piñata as well. We spray painted her gold and gave her a “Bride to Be” sash and  a tiara,  then filled her with candy, miniature bottles of alcohol, and condoms (admittedly a questionable dollar store purchase).

For brunch we served guava mimosas as an update to the standard orange (plus, there was the pink bonus), bagels, fresh quiche, strawberries, donuts rings, and mini cinnamon rolls.  Yum!

Everyone had a lovely afternoon celebrating the bride-to-be, sipping guava mimosas, and hogging the photo booth!






Keya and Erica

an oscar soirée

We love the Oscars (okay, we’re borderline obsessed)! Once the Oscar nominations are released we panic, adjust our schedules, and begin the process of seeing every film on the list. Then after hours of movies, discussion, and popcorn eating, the sacred night descends upon us.  Normally, we prepare lots of nominated movie inspired foods, curl up on the couch, and sit in rapture as the show unfolds.  This year we decided to break tradition and drag our friends and family into our evening. They may not have enjoyed being forced to dress up or the (surprise!) paparazzi on the red carpet, but the good food and contagious Oscar energy is undeniable and we soon had them under our spell.  Eschewing our past evenings of pajamas and chocolate pie (for The Help, of course), we decided to have one of our typical over-the-top parties.

Take a peek at our evening…

Guests arrived at 5 pm and strolled the Walk of Fame up to the house.


They made a quick stop on the red carpet to be photographed by the paparazzi in front of our sponsor backdrop (made with white butcher paper and a stencil of our logo)! The occasion was perfect for dusting off our prom dresses!


The focus of the room was the television (to watch The Oscars, of course!) So to dress it up, we painted 8 ft. film strips to hang from the ceiling on either side of the TV.  Easy to make, all you need is butcher paper, black paint, and a ruler!  And if you’re as messy as us, we recommend a drop cloth.


We also made Oscar statue cookies, one for each category, using a mummy shaped cookie cutter from CopperGifts.com (we used item#5452) and inspiration from bakerella !



Nothing says the movies like popcorn! (And we love our popcorn!) We set up a popcorn cart and halfway through the show popped fresh popcorn for our guests to enjoy after dinner. And what’s popcorn without a few toppings?


Our favorite part of the party was watching the show with our fellow movie stars!  Our biggest and most time-consuming project was creating a 5’x8′ backdrop to hang behind the couch, which made it look and feel like we were sitting in the front row of the theatre.




We used the same mummy cookie cutter that we made the Oscar cookie statues with as a stencil to decorate the back of everyone’s ballots.



Another time consuming, (and rewarding), project was creating 165 feet of star strands.  We used a star punch to cut out all the stars from glitter paper and glued all of them to clear fishing wire.


We hung the strands from a chandelier, creating a tent shape behind the table.


Our centerpiece was made of 3 dozen roses stuck into a wet foam ball, guarded by two golden statues (drawing mannequins that we spray painted gold).


We served chilled champagne, dressed up in bow ties and bendy straws.



We call this dressed up charcuterie! We decorated the cheese and crackers with olives.


We had greek and kale salads, homemade hummus with pita wedges and sliders for dinner.





The party was a success and we’ll have to do it again next year!

Keya and Erica

Photo Credit: Erik Shafer