a few of our favorite things: a holiday gift guide


1. Surviving the cold winter is going to be a lot easier with a cozy cable knit blanket.  Give the gift of warmth and maybe you’ll be allowed to snuggle up too.  For an affordable option check out this one online at H&M2. While socks may be an infamous grandma gift, try a cozy pair like these ones from Three Bird Nest and your friends will be thanking you. They make a great stocking stuffer too! 3. For your most fashionable friends and family, denim never goes out of style.  For quality denim totally sourced and made right here in America, try a pair of jeans or a chambray shirt from Bluer Denim. 4. Inspire some creativity this season with some art supplies! Paints, chalk, pencils, or just an empty notebook can bring out the artist in anyone. 5. We’re hoping when we give out these cocktail shakers, we’ll get to enjoy the benefits as well.  For a personalized version, check out this one from Williams-Sonoma. 6. Something about footie pajamas makes us believe we can be kids forever.  Check out these ones from Macys and your friends will have sweet dreams all year long. 7. The perfect way to survive bad winter hair is to add a little sparkle, maybe it’ll distract from all those frizzies. Try a headband like this one from Modcloth.  8. For a gift that keeps on giving, buying a season of your friend’s favorite television show is always a winner.  New favorites like Girls to old favorites like Friends, get out your popcorn and get cozy. 9. A timeless gift for someone special, a watch is both fashionable and useful.  We love this one by Kate Spade. 10. When Penguin came out with 31 classics designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith and bound in cloth, we wanted to buy all of them immediately.  For an excellent read and a book that you will want to display proudly, check out the whole collection at Penguin.

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