oscar movie ballots


One of the best parts of watching the Oscars is filling out your ballot, tallying up your correct guesses, and then comparing your score with everyone else.  If we can’t be nominated for an Academy Award we need some kind of competition, right?  Last year we made these simple ballots and had everyone fill them out before the show started.


black card-stock (1 sheet per person)

gold sparkle card-stock (1 sheet per 2 people)

printed oscar ballots (1 per person)

oscar stencil

how to:

Print out the official ballot, (you can find it here), and glue it onto black card-stock which you can find in the scrap-booking section of your local craft store. You may have to trim the card-stock down to fit your paper.  Next, cut out Oscar statues from sparkly gold paper and glue these onto the back.  We used a cookie cutter as a stencil but you can also print out your own online.


What will your votes be this year?


keya and erica

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